Comment: OK I watched the whole thing and it made me kind of sad

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OK I watched the whole thing and it made me kind of sad

for instance: E-Verify don't these people know that by supporting the verbiage they just used that 1) E-Verify is Trademaked / Brandname and if the process should change in the future that could be a problem - they should have just used more generic terms for this and 2) the the GOP just endorsed Microsoft and Oracle Databases for a GINORMOUS Big Brother Database. I appreciated the small business owner who stood up questioning why she should be in charge of doing this when the government doesn't do it before the IRS hands out fraudulent tax returns. Of course Romney Lawyers chuckled at this and explained how easy it was to use.

OK letting that slide

What about the sex eduction in public schools discussion? See this is one of the reasons why I homeschool in the first right there I was kind of astounded that the republican platform was talking about sex-ed.

The poor Raw Milk farmer guy. When he spoke the Romney lawyers laughed at him and then proceeded to defend the FDA. And when someone got up to defend RawMilk guy it was all POINT OF ORDER!!!

You always knew the Romney guys because they addressed the room as if making a proclamation and often slipped in, "When President Romney..."

I really don't like lawyers.