Comment: I am a baby boomer whose parents

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I am a baby boomer whose parents

were totally apolitical. I had no interest in, and saw no relevance to my life in, politics until I was 19 years old. When I was exposed to libertarian ideas, they fit in naturally with my mathematical/scientific/analytical way of thinking. By the time I was almost 20 I was a hard core libertarian on every issue.

Ten years later I was manning a Ron Paul, Libertarian for President booth at my local community college. I am proud to have supported him since 1987.

Although I am getting on in years, there is still a chance that I could have children, as my wife is 23 years old. If we do have children, they will be home-schooled and will be gently guided by us in their learning. I am going to use the same approach my parents used, and that is -- let them be whatever they want to be, show them their options, but never, never plan their lives, loves or careers for them. I have a quiet confidence that they will see for themselves that liberty is the right option for mankind.