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Based on the comments he made

Based on the comments he made and the profile it created it is absolutely not a surprise that the Authorities had him picked up, arrested, and sent for psych-eval. My take on this situation; Brandon Raub purposely created this profile and knew full well that they would pick him up. I believe that this was a strategy to engage the Government and to flush out their policies and applications of laws such as the NDAA and new legal doctrine such as pre-crime.
The Authorities bit hook line and sinker and now Brandon Raub has been catapaulted into full public view and consciousness. Afterall who ever heard of an ex-marine named Brandon J Raub before this arrest? It appears that he has created a firestorm to highlight threats against individual liberties and Constitutional protections and to raise the awareness level of the threats lurking behind the thin veneer of reduced rights for increased security and safety. We know the Benjamin Franklin quote, "Those who sacrifice liberty for security and safety deserve neither". I think this Franklin quote is very appropriate for the times America finds itself as a Nation and a people.

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