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This young man did NOT sound unstable to me!

I heard his interview with Adam Kokesh, and he definitely sounded totally sane, and totally together.

I cannot believe that a Judge would order him to be detained, period! This is NO LONGER AMERICA. It is absolutely shocking, and our Founding Fathers would be outraged for sure.

*If*, and I say *If* gingerly, Brandon said anything that was not tactful, then, that is his only so-called crime, and that is NOT a crime. I cannot believe the police are aiding and abetting this atrocity, regardless of what they "think" his intent was. If he denies any intent, then, what is the matter with these people, the FBI, and the Judge?

This is unheard of, and it will NOT silence the rest of all of us. We might be more careful of what we type online, or how we say something, but we will not be silenced with our opinions! Our politicians---where are they? Where is their common decency?

If a man said he'd like to kill a neighbor of his, he might be questioned about it, but the police could NOT hold him, because he has done nothing! They would have to release him. So, if Brandon said something, as long as he has done nothing, they should not be able to hold him, except for the unconstitutional NDAA. How is Brandon's situation any different than the former example? Answer--it isn't!

So, what is happening! Brandon Raub is no more or less than a POLITICAL PRISONER. That is what this whole escapade is about, nothing more, nothing less.

Even though this is UNconstitutional, this proves to the whole world and everyone just how corrupted our politicians & government representatives, etc. have become. They hate the US Constitution and hate it with impunity! They are the ones who are the hate-mongers, not us, I'll tell ya!