Comment: "That this lawyer turned a

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"That this lawyer turned a

"That this lawyer turned a rules challenge into political blackmail was thuggish and certainly not the way to restore the first principles of this republic, which is the professed aim of the Ron Paul revolution," convention Vice Chairman Solomon Yue told The Washington Times."

For crying out loud, Solomon Yue is the National Committeeman from Oregon, which is one of the 5 states CONTESTING the cheating of Ron Paul delegates by the Oregon Republican Party and the RNC! He blindly supports Allen Alley's 'authority' to appoint his friends, cronies, and party insiders OVER duly elected delegates, with no bylaws or rules cited! Of course he is on the side of ORP and RNC corruption!

Read the real story here:

and see Mr Yu's emails about it here, showing how he is 100% in bed with Allen Alley and the Oregon Republican Party's attempt to STEAL the alternate delegate elections: