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Theres a teaching

I think its NLP? The phrase "The map is not the territory", and teaches about "Map Collision"

The idea is that we all build the same map, same dimentions, we draw the hills and things all in the same place, on the surface it looks the same.

But theres minut differences on HOW we draw the map. We all have the same map, but our experiences on how we became who we are, what it took to build that map varies from person to person.

I.E. The map is not the territory

Two people who have the same map can still have massive differences of opinion, because the experience which lead to drawing a portion of the map could be different.

A good example is look at Britian, the original maps make Britian MUCH bigger than it really is. Same with Japanese maps, the starting point of the map (Japan), looked much bigger on thier map than it is today from satallites, it was first outlined and expanded upon as they explored outwards.

Your question: Is there anything in particular that you guys attribute your independent thinking to?

My answer: Everything