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What sent me down the rabbit

What sent me down the rabbit hole was several conversations that I had with a low-level executive from a major pharmaceutical company back in 2000. Little did he know when he was telling me this stuff, was that I had a Mom who was "sick" and dealing with a lot of issues, mainly medication that was making her situation worse. The things he told me were like a baseball bat to the gut, because I was raised to believe and respect all things American, especially our "great" medical system. The conversations were so deep that one day he broke down and cried--I'm not kidding. That was very impressionable to my young mind.

Also, world travel opened my head up like a can of worms. If I can give young people any advice, don't get into debt, don't buy a new car or any other junk from China, Indonesia, or wherever... save your money and go to those places instead and work there if you can!!! These are life changing experiences, debt is not!!!