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Comment: They won’t be part of any

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They won’t be part of any

They won’t be part of any event where they don’t control the tone/message.

You answered your own question in the OP. And it was a prudent decision on their part.

And it boggles my mind for the organizers to expect anything from Ron Paul when they decided not to invite his own son to speak at the Paulfest and yet asked people like Kokesh (and his Baphomet in the wife beater t-shirt persona) and Alex Jones to be a part of it after they attacked HIS OWN SON visciously. Not to mention all the asshattery from Kokesh since then and who's attacked people like Benton for the past year. Truly boggles my mind you guys would think that the campaign and Ron would work with Paulfest. That's just....well there are no words for how ridiculous that is.

I'm sure Ron wishes you all the best and hope a good time is had by all, but he's not going to promote it and attach his name to it and certainly not plan his own events around it.