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NO not kidding - and never said he was a god

He DID start the Tea Party - and yes - it was taken over. Why - because of idiots like this - make complete asses of the liberty movement so the average citizen equates liberty with pot head losers.

And I never said I was waiting for some damn sheppard - I said this idiot hurts our cause - and it does - plain and simple. And I said he is wrong for going off on RP - and I stand by that as well.

The world is full of people like you - can't take direction, know everthing, the boss is so stupid - yeh - I here it all day long from guys like you that seemingly cant rub two nickels together to make a dime - yet know everything. Of course you know more than Ron - he just happened to have gone out and actually accomplished something with his life. He just spent 30 years fighting the cause - hey but this asshole did spent 1500 bucks on a computer and a microphone (and probably just as much on drugs) - so he certainly is on par now right???