Comment: Politics is all about striking deals

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Politics is all about striking deals

The GOP is a BIG tent with many special interests, and if you think that by FORCING others to YOUR way is Liberty, you are sorely mistaken.

Ron Paul cut deals when he accepted "pork", when he accepted that SS check, when he personally goes against what he is standing for, or against, to achieve a benefit that he did not vote for.

Right now, I see on my GOP central committee, the seats are filling up with Palin supporters. They see themselves as uniters, and so they come in talking about liberty but also about security, for their own agenda, as they work to unite the Neocons with the Ron Paul Republicans. This is a winning stratigy. They will get those seats. Whether Palin wins or not, they are looking to the future by making compromises today, that when the achive the majority, will transform into their agenda, where only the strongest among us will be represented.

This is what Ron Paul asked us to do, but it seems too many here who talk about LIBERTY, want to FORCE liberty, which is not liberty.