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The early bird gets the worm...

The Ronvoy project has been going on for the last few months with a hard deadline of August 15th. I give credit to the volunteer coordinators of the project for keeping the window open as long as they possibly could.

Perhaps you could look up a local Ron Paul meetup group and post an urgent request to find someone else headed to PaulFest. Try if you haven't done so yet and connect with some local grassroots. There are more unsavory options like Craigslist or hitchhiking, but those are bottom-of-the-barrel desperate channels that if you're a girl, like your screen handle suggests, should be avoided in my judgment if you're traveling alone.

For traditional transportation, you could lookup airline fares on Alternatively, take a roundtrip greyhound bus for $375 that can make it to Tampa by Saturday if you depart by tommorow.