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The RNC/GOP are all ready feeling blazing HOT blowback from their actions against the real conservative in the race.
Someone whose hands are spotless and never stoops to their level.
They cant touch him and the more they try, the more it backfires in their greedy, authoritarian- mugs.

Folks couldnt imagine the conversations that must be taking place in back alleys and in secret safe houses.

"if you tell on me, I tell on you" must be the words of the year in the RNC hallways.
The backstabbing and worry over themselves and their own power being
challenged by a legitimate, honorable and well organized "liberty" movement, must have the GOP establishment beside themselves. No diff then Rons house races!!!. The RNC/GOP are out for themselves and their own selfish INDIVIDUAL gain, and would just assume stab one and other in the back, then face the truth about themselves. When one sings they will all start singing and digging their own graves!lol They would sell the shirt off their cold mothers' back if it would save them.
They are weak minded, bought and paid for, hypocritical~ COWARDS. Ron channels our BRUTE force against them.. and does it so well.

What a sight Paul is to watch! We only see the blowback, but i would give everything i own to know what he is really doing to them!
You can bet ITS NOT PRETTY. Paul is a MIZER, a MIZER in the truest sense of the word when it comes to the GOP and how he runs his office and all his campaigns.
PAUL WONT BUDGE! ever! AND IT DRIVES THEM CRAAAAZY! Ron has power over them they do not understand. But they are finding out.
That is why everything they try, will backfire.
There is no real unity in the RNC, just creeps trying to make it so, but never will- because history has taught us otherwise.
Ron has studied history and surrounds himself with the BEST knowledge available, and uses historically winning strategies in a collage of open canned whip-a$$ to stifle and distract his competition. The tortoise and the hare was the best description Ive ever heard.

They must realize by now they are on the wrong side of it, and are now finding out that Dr. Ron Paul is the authoritarian minded GOP's WATERLOOOOO!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016