Comment: I Think Ron Paul is Wiser and More Pragmatic

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I Think Ron Paul is Wiser and More Pragmatic

Than the opinions spouted by some of his supporters - he has managed to insert followers in positions of power and to popularize some of his policy objectives but to make this a lasting achievement he has to have an end game to his campaign. He has to end his campaign without rancor or embarrassing spectacle and all signs are that he is doing exactly this - winning delegates at the end was important to him to amplify his influence so Jesse Benton (that most hated Judas) came up with the plan to target states where delegates could be captured at the state conventions.

Now what would a logical person do - you can either A) Declare victory and push your advantage with the Republican powers for the future or B) you can go down to an embarrassing defeat and in the process alienate not just the establishment but the rank and file of the Republican Party.
Ron Paul will make the wise choice but that will precipitate an explosion on the Daily Paul.