Comment: I support the family

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I support the family

and want her son released.

But for us, RP supporters, mental clarity should not be blurred via mixing rational thinking and feelings. Feelings are not part of rational thinking - they are emotional evaluations sometimes based on experience, sometimes on mental defense mechanism.

Thus, the mother employs reason to defend free speech and constitution, then tells us that son's priorities are 1) Jesus; 2) Country. (But, wait! Her son did not defend our country. Our wars are not about defense or even winning.) Jesus, country, society wont be able to collect sacrifices since they are abstract. In reality, wise central planners and special interest groups will step in to collect instead.

Unless religious people understand their mental irrationality and contradiction, STABLE free society cannot be achieved. MAN should not sacrifice himself to anybody. Others should not expect a man sacrifice himself to others - neither to god, nor society, nor your neighbor.