Comment: God is watching over us!

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God is watching over us!

It looks like this may be resolved (for the moment).

I went to the El Paso Ron Paul MeetUp group, and started to contact the Organizer, when I saw another Member from el Paso that had put a greeting on the O's profile, and it had a phone number.

I called the number and got an extremely nice man named Matt Sistrunk, who told me he was a way away fro there, but he knew a Delegate that wasn't far from our Heros. After a brief interlude, he called me back and said that Brian Booher was available and would be calling me (which he did as I was speaking).

It seems that not only is he available, has a vehicle to run for parts, but HAS a mig welder that they need - but at his home not too far away, and not portable.

I haven't heard back yet, but I believe that so far they have what they need for the moment.

I also got a call from a Cindy who's husband is working in texas, but she doesn't know where. I told her if I needed more assistance, I'd call her back.

Thank you for your time,

Ed in Phoenix

I will update as I hear more.

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