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Comment: Dude, just move to France

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Dude, just move to France

Dude, just move to France !

The perfect match for you, here's what's in the news :

"[...]For Mrs. Segalen, the proposal is the latest red flag in a country that has long labored under the image of being a difficult place to do business. France has a 33 percent corporate tax rate — the euro zone’s second-highest, after Malta’s 35 percent. That contrasts with the 12.5 percent rate in Ireland, which has deliberately kept a lid on corporate taxes as a lure to businesses.

“It is a ridiculous proposal, but it’s great for us,” said Jean Dekerchove, the manager of Immobilièr Le Lion, a high-end real estate agency based in Brussels. Calls to his office have picked up in recent months, he said, as wealthy French citizens look to invest or simply move across the border amid worries about the latest tax.

“It’s a huge loss for France because people and businesses come to Belgium and bring their wealth with them,” Mr. Dekerchove said. “But we’re thrilled because they create jobs, they buy houses and spend money — and it’s our economy that profits.”[...]"

In more details, here's what's being implemented :

The guy said several times, it's on records : "I don't like the rich."

Demagogue, maybe ? Or complete retarded hypocrite for sure ?

Anyway. Just look him up, you'll love him.

Best of luck and fun to you.


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