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Comment: No one here understands that

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No one here understands that

No one here understands that banks are publicly traded and some people were betting on the housing bubble to fail, and instead of trying to avoid this, they bet against it and made a fortune as you said.

Yet the people here don't realize this because they think that the wealth that the top 5% was made fairly, when in actually, many of them bet against the Housing bubble knowing full well it will fail.

This is what Wall Street does, that's there job, to fuck over as many people as they can and get rich doing it.

"Its not equalizing, nor is it communism. Henry Ford invented the idea in 1915, all by himself, without coercion or decree, by raising his workers' wages from the standard $1 a day to $5 a day. His reason? "I want to share the profits with the people who make it happen."

In so doing, other businessmen were compelled to do the same. Henry Ford invented the modern middle class."

As many down votes as this post get's I know there are people reading here who agree with me. The vocal ones are the ones so far down the rabbit hole they cant even see which side is up any more. They have lost objectivity for a single minded Philosophy.

"If you think we can't change the world, it just means you're not one of those that will"

Jacque Fresco