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Both religious right and collectivists have the same MORALITY - sacrificing a man to an abstract entity - god or society.

For example, one can argue that god stands by US and our wars are just (as Muslim religious people justify their wars against infidels). Many Americans join army with a mixed rational - 1) Rational: free education, stable salary, green card, etc.; 2) Irrational: Defending country, society, Jesus when there is no clear enemy to fight. BTW, defending Jesus sounds like a mockery, but some do express that.

Since god and society cannot collect human sacrifices, wise central planners and special interest groups will. Thus, soldiers' lives are lost and taxes extracted to provide gainful employment for military brass, gov clerks, subcontractors, and trade unions at Boeing and Lockheed Martin. The latter simply LOVE it.

Belief (faith) is not part of rational thinking, same as emotions. Things that are not rational (and in many cases are against rational) are called irrational.