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Comment: This post is remarkably irrational.

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This post is remarkably irrational.

You say that faith is not part of rational thinking? You obviously have faith that your post is showing up to everyone else, don't you? Faith is not irrational, it is earned. One does not have faith in something or someone without good reason. You yourself have faith in many, many things that you cannot prove 100%.

Yes, one can argue that God supports our senseless wars. One could also argue that Ron Paul is a Nazi, but then one would just be stupid. It does not matter what one can "argue" about something as to whether it's rational or not.

I see nothing wrong with sacrifice; it is only when it is forced upon us that it is wrong. According to Christianity, God freely gives us the choice not to follow Him, and we face the natural consequences. Do you find it morally wrong for a man to throw himself onto a grenade to save those around him? That is completely "irrational," but few would dispute its inherent righteousness.