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As a Republican Ron Paul supporter I felt the need to comment on this. I don't like bashing the person that an individual supports as long as their support of that person is based in Patriotic intent.

That being said, After allot of investigation, I feel Romney aligns with Obama on almost all of the important issues we face. I understand trying to beat Obama and Lord I hope we do. However, I also feel because of Romney's stances that if he ran as a Democrat he could probably beat Hillary and get their nomination.

As a Ron Paul supporter I know that getting to know him and his stances is a learning process that takes time. I urge anyone directing frustration at him or his delegates to take the journey and get to know him. If you research, you won't be disappointed. We have kooks in the system just like everyone so take your grain of salt with you.

Remember: Ron Paul polls almost as well against Obama as Romney without the Media touting his greatness. If he was to do the impossible and take the GOP nomination his popularity would likely spike right past Obama. Logic would seem to say that Romney may have already peaked.

IMO: Vote for Ron Paul if you don't want another 4 years of Obama. God Bless our Country.