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Comment: You're wrong, Granger. I

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You're wrong, Granger. I

You're wrong, Granger. I thought if I became a national delegate I would REMAIN a national delegate. I never in a million years thought Romney or the GOP would come in and say, "even though you won honorably, I changed the rules and picked someone else to take your place because there are too many like you who won and that embarrasses us because we don't look very popular with the masses."

I'm lucky I come from Iowa where our delegates were not stolen. But I'm one liberty lover who is furious for those delegates who did have their spots stolen.

You assume too much. "THOSE OF US..." What is that? I took up Ron Paul's invitation to become a delegate. Trust me. It was NOT with the intention of making a deal with a thief, a liar and a war monger. It's too bad that you went in there with that intention because I never did. My intention was to win delegate spots honorably and have those delegates there at Tampa.... ALL of them.

You sound like you're trying hard to convince yourself that deals with devils are perfectly OK and that I am somehow less of a liberty lover because I just happen to believe it's never OK. Not cool, Granger.