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Unlike others, I recognize

Unlike others, I recognize your posts, and know you aren't a 'troll'. I will put this kindly. Many of us can look into the past, and see that the "only choice" to 'vote out' the incumbent has been an illusion. Just like Kerry was set up just to 'fall', Romney is not likely to beat Obama. This is not a 'conspiracy' in the slightest, it's an observation of the maddening desperation of the GOP(and vice versa, the Dems in 'offyears') to go with the most 'simple choice' for a candidate, even if they're a bad candidate overall, because they assume the party will rally behind them to vote out the incumbent. Change the words around, and it's the same rhetoric, year in, and year out.

Amidst all this rhetoric, I make sure to look at the issues. The issues are, Romney is very much like Obama. There are noticeable differences, but they are almost purely cosmetic. Two things happen here, one, you vote for him, and you prove the GOP right. They go back to choosing the simplest candidate, cause they know everyone will be 'fine with it'. Two, you vote for him, and he fails anyways, because outside the Republican party(the vastly smaller of the 2 parties), the rhetoric of 'defeat Obama' is weak outside the Republican party(even the fairest of polls has Romney losing more often than winning). It makes sense really, he has a shaky platform, his 'pandering' is not subtle enough to actually 'win' votes, and he has a few DOZEN felony charges that could be pulled out at any moment by Obama to ruin him(from small things like "Subgate" to big things like his involvement with the Ponzi Scheme alongside his son.).

I understand the fear, but fear is predictable, and the Establishment knows that. Romney waiting for you with open arms is exactly what they(both sides, D and R) want. If you have any faith in the GOP being redeemed at all, at the very least send them the message that you won't take their 'pandering' tactics any longer, that you want someone of principle.