Comment: You start by saying: "NO not

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You start by saying: "NO not

You start by saying: "NO not kidding - and never said he was a god" Really? This is what you said about the man: "RP IS the Tea Party, Ron Paul IS the liberty movement. HE walked throught the valley of death, he has come throught the other side as pure as the day he started." You are so right, you never called him a God, but you are trying to make him look like or seem to be like Moses! He is not a God and he is (in my opinion) not another Moses. Then you go on another rant about people who smoke pot (which I do not do), all the while supporting a politician who supports the right of people who choose to smoke pot?

You wrote: "He DID start the Tea Party - and yes - it was taken over. Why - because of idiots like this - make complete asses of the liberty movement so the average citizen equates liberty with pot head losers."

I have no idea if he started the TP or not, but the point is that the damned TP did not support RP, and instead, they supported the one individual who attacked RP more than anyone else on the stage. They supported Rick Santorum, the biggest piece of human excrement on the stage…again, that is just my opinion.

Next you wrote: "And I never said I was waiting for some damn sheppard - I said this idiot hurts our cause - and it does - plain and simple. And I said he is wrong for going off on RP - and I stand by that as well."

No, you did not specifically say that you were waiting for a Shepard, but your way of describing Dr. Paul seem to suggest that you see him as more than a man, more than a human being. You see him as…well, we've already covered that.

Then you went on to a more personal attack with the following: "The world is full of people like you - can't take direction, know everthing, the boss is so stupid - yeh - I here it all day long from guys like you that seemingly cant rub two nickels together to make a dime - yet know everything. Of course you know more than Ron - he just happened to have gone out and actually accomplished something with his life. He just spent 30 years fighting the cause - hey but this asshole did spent 1500 bucks on a computer and a microphone (and probably just as much on drugs) - so he certainly is on par now right???"

I highly doubt that the world is full of people like me. What makes you think that you know anything about me? So apparently, anyone who disagrees with you about anything, anything at all:

1. Cannot take direction. So what you are basically saying is that one of the many things that makes you so angry is that more people will not or do not listen to you.

2. Know everything. I do not know everything. In fact, I have come to the conclusion that nobody really knows anything. Myself included.

3. The boss is so stupid. Sometimes the boss was stupid. Which is why I have been self-employed for most of my adult life. And even then…sometimes the boss is stupid.

4. "I here it all day long from guys like you that seemingly cant rub two nickels together to make a dime - yet know everything." So what you are saying is that you do not enjoy your job and that again, guys like me cannot rub two nickels together to make a dime. Apparently I could, or how else would I have been able to be self employed? Perhaps the "guys like you" thing is just a way to describe all the people in the world that you dislike or disapprove of. My question/suggestion for you is as follows: Maybe all these individuals that you so strongly dislike are just mirrors for you. And you so strongly dislike what you see, that you live in a perpetual world of anger and disapproval. My suggestion is to seek a really good counselor. And to let go of the pain and to let your healing begin. Be well.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!