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Get real

Each state has it's own laws and rules. CA is winner takes all. Still committee's job is to VET delegates, so if the committee didn't KNOW you, they had every right to dump you.

I deal with the Devil everyday. What's not cool is thinking that you don't. THINK harder why don't you?

You pay taxes.. you deal with the devil.. you pay SS,,, you're dealing with the devil.. any contract you sign is dealing with the Devil, and if you don't think it is.. you've got a lot to learn.

If you didn't do what Ron Paul asked, you're not on the team. You can cheer all you want.. I guess some folks here need those cheers?

But for me, those cheers are not going to help me achive liberty on the ballot anymore than if they were coming from Obama, Romney or the Devil himself.

There isn't a person here helping me in my county establish Liberty.. I don't even thin=k there is anyone from my State, CA. If there is, they sure are quiet.