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I agree with you that

I agree with you that happiness is a choice. What I question - and what I still haven't found the answer for - is how does our economic system impact our ability to decide if we are happy. We face economic pressures everyday - whether it be taxes, mortgages, bills, gas prices, interest rates, or a devaluing dollar. How can I be happy when these things impact my daily decisions. These regulations cause stress. It's not the bank balance I am really striving for. Our economic system, however, seems to have a theory that acquiring more money is the key to stability, progress, happiness. Can't afford the gas bill? Well you should get a better job, go back to school - you know - for the purpose of making more money. This causes people to abandon their passions, their dreams, to give up on the life they wanted. The system tells the person they need to always be financially conscious. Maybe we'd see a growth in the middle class if the system was deregulated. Maybe we'd see a growth in people helping others. Families getting stronger. More interaction. Social Progress. Less desire for money. Happiness!