Comment: Akin is getting aborted by the establishment

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Akin is getting aborted by the establishment

The who's who of establishment NeoCons are trying to replace Akin so they can put in their own NeoCon straw man.

Don't believe the national media, Akin will beat McCaskill. He is still beating her in the polls.

Lots of Paul supporters backed him, I backed Brunner, but now Iike Akin even more.

McCaskill is an advocate for partial birth abortion - nasty procedure involving a knife, a partially delivered baby and cutting the back of the neck, then delivering the rest.

Akin was correct in general, but got his info wrong, rape victims have same pregnancy rate, but a much higher miscarriage rate.

If you are anti-war, you have to be anti-violence and you must start with peace from the very beginning, which is the war against the unborn. Statistics have show that since abortion became legal, violent crime has skyrocketed.

How can Americans prevent war, if we don't respect the lives of the innocent unborn?