Comment: Intersting that you think it's cold hearted I would disagree

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Intersting that you think it's cold hearted I would disagree

Rape is a violent act, abortion is a violent act, by performing an abortion you just perpetuate the violence of the orginal act, the rape. Killing the innocent product of the rape is just more violence. I dated the product of a rape victim in high school, the girls biological mother had been raped in the late 1960's, if the mother had been raped a couple of years later, she would have probably had an abortion because it would have been legal. This girl I dated was then given up for adoption. I can tell you that not to have this girl on this earth would have been very sad. She was the kindest, sweetest person you could ever meet, beautiful, smart, and was already flying airplanes by 16. She now is the mother of 3 beautiful children, all of whom would not be here if she was aborted and abortion was legal back then.

I can only think of the countless kind things she did for families in need, old people, fellow classmates etc., kind deeds that would have never come to light if she was not allowed to live. Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness.

Everyone has the fundamental right to exist. It is the ultimate and supreme right of all rights.