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Comment: I got a lot

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I got a lot

I gave $201.20 over a few money bombs. I think it helped spread the movement and inspire people to run for office, be delegates, sit on committee's, have a legal defense, and be part of something big.

That cash went to my son's future. That lack of money (I'm dead broke; was $19,86 away from eviction this month) has inspired me to become part of the solution rather than complaining about problems. That complaining got me into contact with elected officials.

I don't regret it at all.

Sure, some folks got a stipend. But one mustn't dwell upon it. Only take action. The stipend is but a tiny fraction of the total given. I find no problem with it.

It's not about a single person. It's a movement. A good peace loving, non interventionist, sound money, liberty loving movement which is ours alone and nobody else's. You can't put a price on it.

I do think I might have been able to do more with the money than give to the campaign but when I did give the money I had no idea of what I could have done externally. Only now I do know what I can do to bring about change. And through the donations I've sent as a result I've received information that's invaluable.

Edit: actually thinking about it I would wager Ron Paul used less cash to educate more people than any other candidate. Especially young people. It's not price per vote. It's price per mind. Even if they don't vote. He turned a lot of kids on.