Comment: The Forum is in a level 1 mandatory evacuation zone.

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The Forum is in a level 1 mandatory evacuation zone.

They will have to evacuate if it is a Cat 1 or be under water! This could be a disaster since the RNC is responsible for the evacuation of the convention & they have delegate that role to the The Secret Service who has delegated it to FEMA?

"It's our role to deal with the residents of Hillsborough County," said Hillsborough County Emergency Management spokesman Willie Puz. "It's the RNC committee's role to work with the convention."
RNC officials would not go into specifics about "contingency plans" for the more than 50,000 visitors expected for the convention, noting the U.S. Secret Service would coordinate any emergency response."

(That means there is no contingency plan other than getting Romney nominated & then leave, no emergency food, no emergency communication or evacuation drills for the attendees!)

"In the most extreme cases, the Republican Party's rules say that if the convention "cannot convene or is unable to conduct its business" at its site or in the chosen city, then and only then, can there be an alternate method for the roll call votes to name the presidential and vice presidential nominees. The rules do not specify the procedure but say it must be authorized by the Republican National Committee."


Galatians 5:1
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