Comment: The timing for this

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The timing for this

is just way too perfect to not at least look at the possibility that this is happening by more than just chance. HAARP is real and it has been well documented that they have been working on influencing the weather for decades now. Months ago I mentioned to my husband that if you see Ron Paul pick up enough delegates where he actually has a possibility of getting this nomination, don't be surprised to see a hurricane hit Tampa at the time of the convention. Even he can't believe that what I said months ago appears to be coming to pass...

Do I think it is possible that they have found a way to manipulate the weather to the point where they can actually create hurricanes?...Yes, I think it is possible, but I would also guess that it is not an exact science and they probably cannot control the size and direct path as much as they would like to... I know, it sounds crazy, but so does so much of what they do seem crazy to someone who isn't paying attention.

Regardless, if for whatever reason, this hurricane ends up impacting the convention in any way, I hope the delegates and everyone else involved can stay on their game and not just give up...they are still going to have to have the nomination at some point, we need to be ready to react quickly to whatever decision is made....