Comment: Just be Aware

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Just be Aware

And make others aware. There has in the past been "drills" planned in line with actual staged events. On 9/11 there were many "drills" taking place, and in the London Subways, there was a drill on the same day depicting the very same scenario, also on the gifford's event. These could very likely be staged events that go "live" and are turned into false news stories supporting whatever agenda.

Those in Tampa need to be on their best behavior. Not all those within the media are bad. It might be in our best interests to befriend those in the media. Should something occur, all will be edited, but maybe live things won't.

Tampa should be big this year. Lets make the most of it. Those around the country, not going to Tampa should keep anyone around them informed of events.

If calamity should strike in Tampa, those behind it MUST be exposed this time.