Comment: I want to earn as little money as necessary and

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I want to earn as little money as necessary and

Need as little or no FRN if possible. The backwards American dream. The extorted theft called tax, on everything you earn or try to own, makes it impossible to own anything that costs money. At best we rent it on a variable rental system. For example property, once a year the govenemnt informs a property owner that the extorted theft called property tax is to be paid, just like a landlord would tell a tenant the anual rental fee. If you do not pay the extortion they steal your property.

So now my American dream is resistance and rejection of the dictators and police state. First they drove me off the farm with the easy pay check of the industrial job. The farm were converted to rural developements that people retired on and off the the city job. Then they sent all the jobs off to China, India, Mexico and any other country they could further destroy that would fall for this same industrial lie tactic.

Now no farm and no job a once proud human becoms a discard and a reject. They label him or her a bum a vagrant a looser, homless or whatever.

Oh well i can rant on and on. My final answer is still NO. Enlightened disengagement is my weapon of choice.