Comment: While I did enjoy the read,

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While I did enjoy the read,

While I did enjoy the read, there are several problems: (1) The States are more like Vassals or Provinces then they are Sovereign States. (2) The Constitution has been Null and Void since the first breach of contract which 'The People' did nothing about. (3) The hapless masses prefer the idea of the New system -absent the Constitution (Federal and State)- then they desire the Constitutional system.

Just two of the known aspects of the Federal government running the States:
(1) The Secret Service which is forced upon each governor is provided by the Federal Government -they(The SS) are a Federal Police Force.
(2) The Secretary of State in each of the States -which has one- is an employee of the Federal State Department.

Contract Law basically states that when a contract is violated -by any infraction- the contract is broken, and would -after restitution- need to be renewed if desired by the parties involved.

The US Constitution as well as the individual State Constitutions have been violated for over one-hundred years without any restitutions or renewals. It would be safe to say that NONE of the Constitutions, which people think help protect them, are valid; therefore the Governments are operating without any laws, but the people are suffering due to the shear number of laws which they are overburdened with.