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What he said is no worse than Alex Jones

and many people here. Labeling people as mentally disturbed is a good way to silence dissenters. It was used in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Communist China, and now in fascist America? Dissenters were picked up and often never seen again.

As for what he said about the child sex trade, take a look at this video about the child sex trade. MK ULTRA is fact, not fiction or imagined. And what kind of people do this kind of brainwashing to others? Is it the spiritually good, kind, and compassionate people? Come up with your own labels for those who brainwash others and abuse them, and the word "evil" might come to mind.

There is nothing wrong with Brandon. He is a patriot who is deeply concerned about the changes in America and the loss of freedoms. He is being used to set an example and create fear of speaking out against the government.