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Good lord - you cannot be serious

"I would be very concerned" - well then all your mental health training has not made you very mentally tough. They are just words - come out from under the bed - you will be ok.
"statements about the Bushes and the child abuse "castles" were troublesome"- yeh - kinda like all those crazy kids in the eighties accusing those fine upstanding priests of molesting them. Funny sometimes how time makes the crazy people look more like prophets. Of course - all those "mental health" experts who evaluated those kids found THEM to be liars,disturbed, etc etc.
"Also, his repeated use of the word, "evil" is problematic because it suggests someone is thinking in all or nothing/good bad terms, which is a diagnostic indicator that someone is under severe distress" - evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil,evil- sorry your post was just distressing me.

Go wave your flag at your Memorial day parade, go celebrate your fourth of july - where your little support the troops pin - then keep stabbing them in the back every chance you get. Here's a little mental health thing to put in your pocket. MANY Marines tend to think in all or nothing good/bad terms. When you are being asked to commit horrible atrocities against other humans - you simply MUST think in good/bad terms - grey areas tend to cause problems.