Comment: Women LIE about being raped 1/2 the time

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Women LIE about being raped 1/2 the time

Todd Akin is a VERY BRAVE MAN for going up against the ABORTION MAFIA like he has.

An illegitimate rape is when the person CLAIMS THEY WERE RAPED AND WERE NOT. It happens ALL THE TIME...And all of this EMOTIONALISM in response is BLATANT STEREOTYPING of women as thoughtless drama queens is also a FORM OF RAPE. A rape of intellectual contemplation as a tool for understanding and taking action.

Posters coming here or posting anywhere else against Todd Akin ARE TRYING TO LEGITIMATELY RAPE HIM.

This is the same KIND OF RAPE that the GOP has been doing to US AND DR PAUL all of this time. Stand with Mr. Akin and tell Rombomney/McBluntskill to get in the UNEMPLOYMENT LINE!!!