Comment: Bye-Bye Rombomney/McBluntskill!

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Bye-Bye Rombomney/McBluntskill!

The establishment is in total panic circle the wagons mode.

RON PAUL and his band of fringe kooks are at the gates.

We are hare to dismantle the FINANCIAL empire these establishment politicians have created in the shadows IN OUR NAMES.

We have the righteous and moral high ground. Our leader has led an impeccable and virtuous life, and has stood on principle.

Nice guys do NOT FINISH LAST. They LIVE FOREVER in the hearts and souls of EVERYONE who yearns to be free, and they change the course of history and human understanding.

This establishment attack on a RON PAUL ally is an act of desperation. The establishment could not beat him in the primary so they try to ABORT HIM.

This is fear.

The libs can smell the doom of their empire, and they are scared.