Comment: Don't want Reimbursement BUT do want the record straight...

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Don't want Reimbursement BUT do want the record straight...

It was claimed in Doug Weads Facebook meeting last night that the compromise for the Louisiana Delegates was brokered by...THE LA DELEGATES! This is not true as I am one of the ousted Alternate Delegates from Louisiana and we were never given a choice in the deal that was made.

Now it is my understanding that is was brokered, at least in part, by the head of the LA RON PAUL Delegation, Charlie Davis.

If that is the case all I've got to tell everyone is that a large many of us have we have been fighting Charlie the whole way as he has been pushing to "Give Away" our Delegate count to Romney and Santorum Supporters ever since we won the caucuses. In fairness to Charlie, he has said this was the request of the National Campaign. We have had contentious fights over the giving away of our Delegate Count since April and had several hard core grassroots supporters kicked out of the "Club" because they would not back down.

In the end, we went from controlling 34 only voting in 27 (in an attempt to appease the LAGOP) to settling for 14-17 in the last appeal instead of refusing the deal and taking it to the convention floor. All in an attempt to pacify the GOP.

I don't get it and neither do many many of us in LA who poured our time effort, money, friends money, families money into getting our cause heard...on the convention floor!

Now maybe I just don't see how "powerful" this is for the cause of liberty. Maybe I'm just fussing because I wanted a full on show down and didn't want to be part of the GOP in the first place.

But I can tell you this for sure. Apathy is settling back in for many of us down here but this time it has been at the hands of our own campaign.