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My comments

On the picture posted here:

"You're damn right. I intend to suppress as many votes as I can for Romney among all my friends and family by telling them the truth about his flip-flopping ways; how his campaign has cheated Ron Paul supporters nearly every step of the way; how his campaign and supporters broke not only federal election laws but also the bones of Ron Paul supporters in their attempt to rule by thuggery and coercion.

Romney and his ilk are RINO thugs and if this is what the Republican party has become, I intend to do everything I can to relegate them to third party status come November."

Sorry - I know it's not the "loving" way to turn people to Ron Paul, but frankly, I'm done "loving" them into the revolution when my own so-called "Christian friends" call RP supporters like me "neanderthals", "traitors", "treasonous", "paultards", "occupy trolls" and "anarchist clowns". And this is from so-called "Christians".