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I'm probably going to get

I'm probably going to get negged for this, but I'm afraid that The Granger has a point. Some people here seem to believe that if you do not compromise AT ALL, in some way or another the people you do not want to compromise with will suddenly see the light or forced to make way for you in due time, because of your overpowering righteousness. Sorry, but such fairy tales only happen if you are in a position of POWER. Them willing to cut deals doesn't necessarily mean they are in a weaker position. I can easily see us rejecting the deals where in the best case scenario, the RNC gets bad press because of keeping us out. But bad press is momentary and people forget quickly. Soon everything would return to the status quo.

That is not to say that sticking to your guns is bad. Compromising too many times allows oneself to lose sight of your goals. That is the inherent risk when you compromise. There are some instances where it's justified to stick to your guns. But like I stated, these instances are when you are in a position of POWER. So the more appropriate question to ask here is, are we in a position of power?