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yea but I called it ON THE DAILY PAUL!
I didnt run to another site and say DP was a disinfo site.
I had forum posts changed and then I was locked out from changing it back and deleting it. the title "Liberal candidate Gary Johnson" was changed to "candidate Gary Johnson", and then i was locked out. Gary IS a liberal republican and they changed it to protect him and deny me.
This happened twice two separate times.
So... I had all ready posted a really nice op ed about living in Pauls district and what he has done for our community that had 287 votes up and I deleted it because I was fearful it would be changed and me not be able to stop it.
It had something like 300 comments.
I ask others/anyone to go ahead and read ALL my posts, read my comments.
They are all voted up.
and one of the other threads I deleted was a question asking if Paul Ryans EX black girlfriend should matter in a pres. race. i felt this topic may be viewed as racist and deleted the entire thread in just a few hours, out of respect. Something others here dont do.
they allow -300 to float like turds in a toilet bowl. however, i find out my post is insulting and i delete not LET IT RIDE, even though i thought it matters. not the race factor but politically. dirty i know but still i DELETED it.
I can be vetted all you want.
transparency is the rule here secrecy is not. I hide nothing and am in your face blunt like it or not. If Im wrong im checked, but that doesnt happen but a blue moon.
also since you questioned. The site is much different now and a month ago I was out the door and deleted all posts before I was leaving and was talked out of it. Thats why so many were deleted,
but in total it is equal to 17% of my total forum threads which is not that much.
but thanks for your concern and bumped your post

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

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