Comment: Let's try to establish the facts.

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Let's try to establish the facts.

From to the various accounts I've read:

According to an FBI spokesperson, some unnamed individual or individuals contacted the FBI out of concern over Brandon Raub's facebook posts.

Chesterfield, VA, police, along with FBI and Secret Service agents, arrived at Raub's residence on August 16. He was questioned (by all of the above agencies?), then taken in handcuffs by the Chesterfield police to John Randolph Medical Center for "evaluation."

All three agencies insisted that Raub was NOT ARRESTED by them. He was not charged with any crime.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Lt. Rich McCullough of the Chesterfield Police Department said, "We were assisting the FBI in this matter."

According to the Chesterfield police, a judge signed off on having Raub sent in for psychiatric evaluation, on the recommendation of unnamed psychiatrists or "mental health crisis intervention workers." This is in accordance with Virginia's "emergency custody" statute, apparently.

Raub's mother was informed of his detention by a phone call from an FBI spokesperson, who told her that Raub's facebook posts were deemed "terroristic."

Now, does anyone notice something amiss about this narrative? The Chesterfield Police claim they were only assisting the FBI. This is consistent with the FBI's claim that it initiated the action upon receiving complaints about Raub's facebook posts, and the FBI's call to Raub's mother.

But then a Virginia judge invokes STATE LAW to have Raub committed to a psychiatric hospital. Who is calling the shots here? Is this just a case of local law enforcement covering its backside by making sure Raub was "evaluated" to the fullest extent allowable by law before being released, or is there a more sinister motive?

Regardless, it's very troubling that one judge and some anonymous psychiatrists, supposedly acting on complaints from anonymous facebook users, can strip a law-abiding citizen of all his rights to due process. The FBI's mention of "terroristic" facebook comments is clearly invoking the executive branch's indefinite detention provisions for terrorism suspects under the NDAA. But, as we can see by the way this has played out, the government has other ways of getting rid of troublemakers. They can be deemed "psychotic" by state functionaries, locked up and potentially drugged into submission.

Welcome to the U.S.S.A.