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ron has run his campaigns the same way for almost 40 years.
he has won every time except 2 out of 15..senate seat and president.
no one here is qualified to criticize something they know nothing about.
The campaign is going up against a world cabal and has one little old man holding the american flag between the people and corporate GIANTS.
I get angered when I hear anything that is derogatory about the campaign and benton and rand because, at least in bentons case, he does not poop with out pauls consent.
Ron runs everything like a Mizer would. He keeps his privacy protected and seldom opens his mouth unless asked something.
He is a staunch conservative and holds his cards IN his chest, not close to.
He has more brains in his little toe then the establishment has in their entire generation.
No one knows what is happening, all you can do is look at the wake of PO establishment republicans that Paul leaves behind.. and THEY ARE pissed if you havent noticed. The media can barely keep a lid on this. If the est. cancels this tampa convention, they have no more party and they know it.,
he is about to enter the republican convention and the fruit of his labor all these years are about to be realized.
I say, looking at his record, judge by his peers, look at his past words and videos, we should respect him and GIVE HIM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT! If you cant do that, then you never were a true supporter.

Rand Paul is no ron paul and people are a fool if they think rand is Pauls mini me.
They expected him to be and they were wrong.
But fortunately for them, Rand is not too far off from Ron.
They have slight differences that close followers pick up on, but in reality these differences are so small they shouldnt matter.
Rand is a freshman, Im certain his father insisted he endorse romney and not attach his name any further to him then he already has. Rand was smart enough to take his fathers advice and distanced himself.
You dont theink the Drs Paul did not speak over rands endorsement of romney LAST YEAR sometime. Only the people think it was a fast decision. Rand was well prepared for this and roon ended campaigning at THE SAME time. that speaks volumes. 3 days after the La. convention brutality and 4 days before the largest state convention ron ANNOUNCES via EMAIL to his supporters he is stopping
campaigning.. THEN... wait for it... Ron speaks at the Republican convention and brings the house DOWN! Does the action of him speaking 3 days after his email make sense?? Doesnt the timing of these sudden actions seem peculiar, to say the least? At least enough to give him the benefit??
The one who never lies and loves choc chip cookies?
Paul supporters are the most in the dark about him and have no trust or faith.
after all the elections he has spanked these dumbasses and most still question, even his practical grandson that he has chosen twice above all the scholars to help him with his campaign..Ron knows bentons life is in danger much danger.. wasnt there another guy that died during the LAST CAMPIGN? I dont understand how people can not read the timing and the odd actions of Paul and his campaign and not see the arm twisting and the threats. and Paul removing himself IN AN EMAIL to us? what does that say? Ill tell you.
He saw supporters bones being broken. what was he to do? not say a word and move on?? violence?? on his supporters? cmon.?
Even Paul himself said he would not speak at the RNC in tampa if all he was going to talk about were bad ideas. He wants the stage to himself and will not parrot gop talking points. He bucks them at every turn and most of his supporters hurt him in one way or another
and that is the most ironic part all. They have no faith and actively criticize a winner! A real winner!
If folks loved Ron they would save their criticism until after he wins the game and not before. He atleast deserves a chance to finish the game before everyone gives up and BLAMES him.
It makes me sick to my stomach sometimes.
and libertychat and its posts here do that to me. read them and tell me their not bent, with a straight face.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016