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Comment: Blah. And I'm sick and tired

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Blah. And I'm sick and tired

Blah. And I'm sick and tired to hear faked, so-called "news" only stating the obvious about the harm that bigots and superstition can do to our tolerant and patient religious faith in Christ.

I don't care if one is a fanatic Muslim or fanatic [put whatever religious bigotry flavor here] or intolerant atheist.

I'm a Christian and I can read Jesus when he said that who are we to judge on other's moral or faith ?

Per, John 16:

We are all ALREADY JUDGED, ANYWAY, mind you. And you better believe in his Word and The Father if you want to be saved.

But, hey : it is YOUR (OUR) choice.

I am sick and tired on seeing the blame put exclusively on false religions or morally incorrect atheism, by ideologues who are doing no better, with a negative message that anyone CAN know what it is about, if they really want to.

I, for one, WANT to be saved, so I speak in His Truth here :

Hint : per Isaiah 13 :

Babylon The Great is ALREADY falling, mind you, bis repetita.

We'd better now refocus and not lose sight of the Beast Who RIDES Babylon, the prostitute.

For the Beast IS the Rebel who is defying God, now, yes, RIGHT NOW: with a wanna be Global Government that tries to REDEFINE, RE-ENGINEER Mankind, itself.

True Christians or whoever loves Jesus: keep praying and believing in our savior, Jesus, and in the prophecies unfolding before us, today. And stop judging people's faith or absence thereof, it is irrelevant.

This is my advice. And only my advice. Do whatever you want with it. Despise it, mock it, love it, or lose yourself and swear against it, it is your problem or your gratitude in His Word.

Not mine. You OWN yourself, so do I for myself.

Our God-given free will is the evidence of His Love for us all :

those who'll be saved, beyond this life on earth, are only those who will want to be.

I have just spoken For Him.

God Bless. For Liberty & Peace.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius