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Clearing up things that may confuse.

"Or is it up to each volunteer to decide what they want to hear as long as they are not coerced?"

Is it important to separate things done my people and things done by anything other than people, because failure to do that may cause confusions such as the confusions that may arise when a person claims to be God or a person who claims to be speaking for God?

Person A says: I'm not God, but this is what I think God says, so keep that in mind, keep it in mind, please, so that you do not confuse what I say with what God says.

Person B says: God says that you must do as I'm telling you or you will suffer really bad stuff.

Confusing what God will do with what a person Dictates to another person can be confusing God made consequences with Man Made consequences.


God says that if you are a witch you will burn at the stake, having that established as a fact, I get to take this person, and this one, and this one, and I get to carry them off to a dungeon, and I get to do whatever I think will get them to confess, essentially whatever pleases me, and then once they have confessed, and they all do, even if they don't, they do, because they wouldn't be guilty if they weren't in my dungeon, but they are in my dungeon so they did confess that much, so then, after their confession, God does what he does, every time, without exception. See, see, see, it is God's word, there you go, another witch burning at the stake, or in the Church in Waco, God's will, be done.

Ta Da!

God's will be done.

Who says?

Can't you smell God's will, when witches are burning?

So how can someone tell the difference between the real ones from the fake ones?

How about at litmus test of some kind?

If the real one plans on deceiving the innocent recipient of God's will, to fool the target of God's benevolence, to lead the flock where the flock would never go if the flock new where God was herding them, then that may be a clue.

If the real one plans on threatening the innocent recipient of God's eternal sacrifices with threats of eternal damnation in places worse than Hell for failing to do as directed by this particular real one, then that may be another clue.

If the real one plans on and has a long history of executing this particular plan of torturing and killing those who prefer not to be tortured and killed for failing to do as directed, such as paying tribute to this real representative of God, presumably, then this particular real representative of God is really representing his, or her, power to torture and mass murder, and get away with it, so perhaps that is another clue.

I call these clues a litmus test, but that is just me.

"When do things become involuntary?"

Why is this a mystery I have no idea.

Resort to deception upon the innocent.

Person A employes deceit upon person B, person B hasn't ever tortured anyone, let alone thousands of people, none, not a single torture victims accountable to person B, but person A employs deceit to get person B to work harder each day to help finance all the torture and murder perpetrated by person A. By the way, person B has not murdered millions, not thousand, not hundreds, not 10 people, not 5, not anyone, no murder accountable to person B, except now, through deception, person B is "providing the means by which we suffer", so now, after the employment of deception by person A, in real terms, in power flowing as money, and in power flowing as votes, there is now an accounting whereby person B is lending moral support (vote) and material support (taxes) to person A and that POWER is used to increase the number of innocent victims being tortured and that POWER flowing as a result of that resort to deception, that POWER is now used to increase the number of murdered innocent.

Resort to threats of violence upon the innocent.

If A does not work well enough then B works to accomplish the same goal.

If A and B does not work so good then C is the go to plan and this is the actual torture and violence plan that could clue the sheep in, as they march off into the gas chambers, because a false God says hey, drink the cool-aid, and have a nice day.

"When do things become involuntary?"

When on that fast track to hell, so described in so many words, and not just my words, there may be one of those sheep along the path, a person who says, hold on, look here, this is probably not a good idea, and then that person says no, no thanks, I've seen where this goes, and I prefer not to be on this bus.

"When do things become involuntary?"

When the intended victim, or the current victims screaming in pain, and screaming bloody murder, says ahhhhhhh, hold on, please, can you please stop torturing me, I don't like it.

That may be a clue. What do I know?

"When do things become involuntary?"

Is that a serious question or have I missed the point?

"What thing are you talking about?"

Person A avoids resort to deceit, avoids resort to threats of violence, and avoids resort to violence when happening upon person B, and person B says what's up.

Person B does not say go away, I want no part of you.

Person B says, Hi, or something other than stop torturing me.

Now you have two things to compare.

Person A torturing and murdering people and paying him, or her, self very well at that job, victims are paying the costs.

Person A does not do those specific things described in the number 1 case.

"When do things become involuntary?"

Person A torturing and murdering people and paying him, or her, self very well at that job, victims are paying the costs.

"What thing are you talking about?"

Person A does not do those specific things described in the number 1 case.

"I said maybe because I am giving allowance that I do not understand, and because I want to."

Maybe I am wrong, maybe it is OK to "volunteer" people to pay for torture and mass murder and maybe it is OK if everyone eventually tortures and murders each other in one happy orgy of death on Earth?

Will all the volunteers for all the torture and mass murder all over the place please raise their hands, making absolutely sure as to who volunteers and who is somewhat less confused about it?

How about asking anyone anywhere?



A rumor may be more than a rumor concerning a few of our species having been tortured and murdered on our dimes, did you volunteer for that, seriously, and as serious has standing there while someone is being tortured, and as serious as standing there while someone is being murdered, and even more serious than that, seriously more serious, as serious as having your loved ones tortured and murdered on your dime, or perhaps even more serious that that still, as if having your pain increased by someone to a torturous level despite your peas of mercy and then you being on the very edge of meeting your maker by someone executing you on your dime.

Did you volunteer for that?

If the answer is no, then unless that person is lying to himself, or herself, or unless that person is lying to you, if you ask the question, then you have, before you, a measure of an involuntary association.

I don't understand the confusion.