Comment: The nomination is so close

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The nomination is so close

Hundreds of stealth delegates - Sarah Palin leading a rebellion of her own against Romney - guess he has not chance at all - a house of cards as you state - well the nomination vote if Monday night - 4 days away - I predict Ron Paul gets about 200 votes for the nomination - I will hear now from others that I am crazy - well wait and see and if he does get significantly more than 200 votes I will readily admit that you guys were on to something and knew what you were talking about and that I was full of it - but will you be willing to admit yourself if my prediction comes true - if he does lose 2000 to 200 will you admit that there were never hundreds of stealth delegates and that Sarah Palin never intended to upset the nomination - or will you think up some radical theory on how stealth delegates were kidnapped and brainwashed by Mormons prior to the convention.