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Not at all

What Ron Paul tried to tell us is that there were few of them remaining.. it was all a big "Wizard of OZ" with MSM's lies making them seem bigger than they are. My county was supposed to have 21 seated Republicans.. my first meeting there was 2. They never had a quorum, even when they invited their friends.. we had 10 open seats.. we could have out powered them within three months..

But too many are like you.. you believe what MSM says, you didn't bother going to the meetings to see for yourself, like I did. Ron Paul KNEW all we had to do was show up, and he found out, there's allot of BIG TALK around here, but too many NO SHOWS.

Now Palin's people are flocking in...

Ron Paul gave Libertarians an golden opportunity to take the GOP and go mainstream and instead, they woosed out and settled for a REPUBLICAN GJ.

Such a shame. And to top it off the same people who didn't show are calling Ron Paul a cowards, and a fraud.