Comment: We don't need a "RULER." We need an EXECUTIVE.

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We don't need a "RULER." We need an EXECUTIVE.

These are old and recycled slams against Palin.

It "started to get hard" because Alaska law at the time didn't protect Palin or her family from bogus ethics complaints. She and her family had to pay her legal fees out of pocket for the dozens and dozens of bogus, made-up, groundless ethics complaints that her opponents filed against her, NONE of which was found to have any merit. Could you afford to keep a $100,000 a year job that cost you $500,000 a year in legal fees? Would you allow political enemies to drive your family into bankruptcy and foreclosure just so people like you wouldn't call you a quitter? (Disclaimer, I have no idea how much that job pays but you get my point.)

I'd vote for Palin in a second over Mittens Romneycare.

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