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Enough Said?

I am feeling abit like I may be out staying my welcome. You do not have to reply to this or even read it.

“I spent almost no time going down that path, of trying to find out which group is the most powerful group…”

When I woke up, I did not know what in the world was going on. I did some searching, but certainly did not know what to believe. I don’t feel the need to delve into finding out the evil either. It is what it is. I was just curious as to what you thought was the source “group.” I did some reading on that group earlier on, but there are so many theories about everything I really didn’t peg that one or any of them except that there is a collective evil at work in the world and in our land. Once I found Ron Paul and started hearing the truth of his message and then ran into you I no longer felt the need to continue searching for what is wrong. You have enlightened me to understand why Ron Paul stands for ending the Fed & IRS; and bringing the troops home.

My guess is that you speak to all of God's Creation so as to help them learn what you know, what you believe…”

Yes, as the opportunity arises, but if the door is shut, I do not proceed. It is not my job to pry doors open to teach. There are those who will hear. There are those who will understand.

You did not shut the door and you were willing to hear, to listen, and discuss.
“Add Iceland to short list, sure.”

Why do the criminals allow Iceland to resist? Is the value of that commonwealth not high enough with which to be concerned?

I remember speaking with Greg P about New Hampshire. His idea is to get out of the US. Maybe the idea there is to go where residual value of the land is not great enough to be raided by the Legal Criminals?

“The obvious answer is that the word "conspiracy" is a divisive tool used to divide the targeted victims.”

Also perhaps a Parthian Arrow for those that do not what to hear about the problem? I guess that is part of the dividing process. It gives those that would be on the side of Liberty a reason to stay apart from Liberty as well as dividing Friends of Liberty.

"Sinful Messiah"

What do those words mean?

How far off is Tax Evader from Draft Dodger?

People went to Canada to get away from the draft. They ran, they did not stay and stand for their Liberty. So the approach here seems different unless Friends of Liberty hide.

This is said 2 times in Proverbs
• Proverbs 22:3 A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on , and are punished .

And again in

• Proverbs 27:12 A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on , and are punished

Proverbs also says:

• Proverbs 28:28 When the wicked rise , men hide themselves: but when they perish , the righteous increase .

I am not sure if that means Friends of Liberty should hide or stand. Maybe it means when wickedness is too great it is wise to hide. Is that Lew Rockwell’s message. Disengage? …I pretty much am just hearing that message 2nd hand here on the DP so I don’t quite understand where that man is coming from when Ron Paul is engaged in a political fight for the sake of Liberty:
End the Fed
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home
And may have found a way of doing it with the delegates and unseating individuals with political power within the GOP
“Why do you think people attack me? I threaten the broken record, and they know that if the needle jumps out of the groove then the Liberty song will start playing again.”

But maybe it is because the enemy has spread so much disinformation RE the Hegelian Dialect. Perhaps then, people are not attacking you, but attacking that which they have been deceived to attack. That is where education seems to me to be the goal: So that if at all possible, those true Friends of Liberty who are deceived can become fully aware, one at a time. And if they are clinging to gold, well it may be time to pledge life and fortune; i.e. the money and the banana in the jar? Let go of that golden banana, already.

“Look into Edward Bernays, his work predated the Nazi version, and the Bolsheviks improved the technique, and The Khmer Rouge people, all financed through The Dollar Hegemony set the bar so high it is unlikely anyone can get that good at torture and mass murder so fast again.

Alan Watt often quoted Edward Bernays. I can’t remember what it was about now though, but it seems if I remember correctly like he was an insider?

“Lincoln freed the Slaves!”

Lincoln also tried to end the Fed or something to do with the money didn’t he? That is what I don’t understand. I have read things about him ending the monopoly money and at the same time doing things that were anti-liberty.

Do you understand the dichotomy?

“Have you read anything about Grant, Sherman, and The Indian Problem?”

So are you saying they practiced on the Indians? I do know about the infected blankest though. Small Pox, I think? I got that info from a movie at some time or another. But I don’t know if that has anything to do with Grant and Sherman. I don’t know much, Joe.

"Or did I already define it: Those that advocate Equitable Commerce."
“Is that the official definition from the source?
Can I quote that?”

Yes, you may quote that if you that is what you want the word to mean. I did say we should both define it together, but maybe I had already defined it to your liking? Why didn’t you just say so? Why didn’t you just say, “I don’t want to define it with you;” or “you already defined it you, dim wit, you;” or “I would prefer to define it myself without your input.” Why just silence on the matter? I ask questions a lot and I get silence. You could say, “none of your business;” or “that is off-topic;” or “I don’t want to talk about that;” or “let’s change the subject.” Instead it is silence so I get the idea…we are not going to discuss that, which is just with me. I can read between those lines enough.

"I wonder if humans can eat algae?"

I certainly wouldn’t mind eating algae. I get tired of trying to figure out what to cook next. That is why I asked you if you had a set menu. Jeff and I were married nearly 20 years before the boys came. I was used to a roast lasting so long we got tired of it. Now I am lucky to get 2 meals out of it. I am sure the day is coming that we will only get one out of it. I used to go into the kitchen, look in the cabinet, and create something good out of my head. Now, since I have had cancer/chemo, I go into the kitchen and look in the cabinet and I am blank. And the meals need prepared around the clock now! Oh well, I got used to increase in laundry, I suppose I will figure out how to feed 3 men.

“The whole "overpopulation" scare is a diversion, a false front, like Global Warming.”

Yes, it is disgusting.
“Hodges has already built such a farm in Africa. Political upheaval there shut much of it down in 2003. That's why he's determined to construct a showcase project in North America to demonstrate what's possible.”

Of course that might give too much power to those starving people over there. And of course we need our crop subsidies here in the US (I suppose that might tie in somewhere) after all we take power from the people, control the farmers, and give gifts to foreign nations in the tune of food. How dare anyone decide that they can possibly feed themselves using ocean water. After all we must solve global warming and ice melt, then of course we could just let the land flood and take care of some more of that over-population problem with flooding…Besides, it will be easier to control smaller masses of land and smaller masses of people. Nope, we must have political upheaval over there in Africa. We = Legal Criminals.

• It seems to me this man Hodges is doing exactly what God said to do as in “subdue it”: Genesis 1:28
And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful , and multiply , and replenish the earth, and subdue it : and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

Hmm. Lindsey Williams…It seems like I heard him on Radio Liberty? He was an insider, or had insider info from an oil tycoon. Did you listen to that link you gave me? At the end of it he said he was a Baptist Minister used to being around honest people…Joe, that is what I am used to for the most part. Not perfect people, but good people who are honest. Not those out to be evil to gain the world. That is why I have such a hard time remembering the Big Picture as you explain it. My world is a microcosm of nice people and I guess I it is my tendency to think everyone is nice…even though when I get wind of the evil it scares me.

“Why put Willie Nelson in jail while torturing mass murderers are running amok at the Head of our Country? “

I didn’t know he was in jail.

“I should not have linked that video to someone who did not watch the movie or read the book.”

No problem, I just wanted to make sure I got the point.
“There is the free version. The Austrian Economists want to spread the word faster. The price for that is cost? What is the price for that book?”

Can you explain to me (probably again) why the Austrians are enemies since they are Gold Bugs. Ron Paul advocates Austrian economics and wants to do those 3 things End Fed & IRS and Bring home the troops. I still don’t have it straight in my mind what is wrong with gold as one of the competitive money supplies. Remember when you listened to Ron Paul’s hearing RE: competitive money. He also had 1 guy who was heads competitive community currencies. Can’t everyone just work together? Can’t gold just be one of many? Or do Gold Bugs say Gold only and nothing else?

Greene used the price of gold as the value of his paper currency.

I think I was wrong about Spooner as I went back and read because you questioned me. He said the value of his currency would be AS WELL KNOWN as the value of gold/silver, so I misread him.

Warren uses the cost of labor as the value of the paper however, the cost of labor was tied to the price of corn such as so it was convertible incase the payee did not want the labor hours of the payer but wanted corn instead.

It seems to me that all 3 of those political economists tied paper to something. Is that so that paper is tied to intrinsic value? Now if I remember right the Indians used beads? Were those beads tied to anything of intrinsic value? Do you know about Indian Trading Beads?

“Does your (or my) city archive outdated Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, and if you are going to fight this fight are you prepared to win it?”

I do not know, but it seems to me if we would all fight the CFR issue locally all at the same time perhaps it would overwhelm the PTB. I think one of the problems is that we do not unify and actually do something directly in opposition to the Criminal Cabal. I signed on to the 2013 challenge but I am not creating a currency. Sure my currency is learning and spreading my learning, but that does not do anything when it comes time for me to fill my gas tank. I saw your post “Confusion as a rule” Great discussion BTW. Anyway you said:

“We The People disconnect ourselves from the Federal Government, as it should be in a Democratic Federated Republic, and our business returns to a more local sphere of influence, our State government,”

And I think part of that is that each one of us start doing that locally in some way or another. That is what Ron Paul encouraged: get power positions in local GOP establishments. Well, maybe “politics” isn’t for everyone, but maybe auditing financial reports is more along the lines of what some people would enjoy: Analytical work. To me that might stem the tide of local criminals such that they do not gain power locally and then those locals are no longer adding base strength to the pyramid. You know. What good does it do to chop the point off the top of a pyramid? The base structure is still there. The criminals do that themselves from what you have explained to me. They are constantly fighting amongst themselves for positions of power. What if we the people worked on the base such that the foundation was no longer strong enough to hold the structure? How close are the states to the top of the structure? And how easy would it be to take those over? I really think we (Friends of Liberty) must be active at the local level and those Friends of Liberty who are naturals at the game can move up the pyramid to the state and national level. I think that also is the beauty of having local currencies. If there are too many brush fires how can the Legal Criminals put them all out? IMO we (FoL) must be vigilant in local activity as we (FoL) who love peace never have been vigilant before.

How about if we work at the base and at the top at the same time? Would that not be effective?
"For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work , neither should he eat."
“Just work, or is it assumed that work produces more power out of less power?
That is not a trivial question.”

Paul made tents while he preached the Gospel so as to not be a burden to the people. No, not just digging holes to fill them back in. Work because there is plenty to be done, or perhaps in the JTK fashion 4 hours for you and 4 hours for me instead of 8 hours for me and 0 hours for you to do nothing. In saying “you” I am not talking you, I am saying whoever needs to do something. Whoever is eating while everyone else is working needs to start helping out.

“Your ancestors, those Founding Fathers?”

And who are your ancestors? I think my roots came over after the founding. Have you ever watched Davey Crockett or read about him? We got the old 50’s Disney edition for the boys. I don’t know whether it is exactly factual. But he went to Congress and fought the graft. Congress was trying to break contracts with the Indians and Crockett stood his ground and won to battle in Congress. We have to overwhelm with numbers, not just with a president, not just locally, but everywhere, which gets back to my “everyone run for office” at the same time idea. If the pool of good people out numbers the Legal Criminals, just maybe we might get somewhere, because even if we have competitive money and carry out those 3 points (End the Fed, IRS & Bring the Troops home), if we do not stay engaged, the Criminals are going to continue to do what they do by re-amassing the power.

“If you can't see that, that way, then I do not transfer my POWER to see the Big Picture to you. The puzzle is not in view if you do not see that the PROBLEM is that unit of $, because that is FRAUD…”

I do understand that. I don’t always remember it, but I do understand. I am sorry I cannot always remember. I need to take note of that. Yes, note, has been made. I agree logically that is the problem. End the Fed, End the IRS, Bring the Troops Home in order to release ourselves from the Federal Monopoly Money and Power. It is a numbers game though. What are the odds? We have a long shot at those odds in Tampa next week.
“You are an integral part of the Network of DEBT, the same as everyone else who uses that money.”

And so are you unless you have figured out how not to use it. Tell me. HOW. How do you want me to pay my light bill this month. How do you want me to fill my gas tank tomorrow. How do you want me to pay $1200 this month for medical insurance? Tell me. Scripture and Verse…HOW?

“If every victim to it knows their fate and at once every victim to it stops using it, and starts using accurate money instead, powerful money instead of FRAUD money (very destructively POWERFUL because it transfers power in hidden ways), then the Revolution is over, and we win, the former victims win.”

Oh, here’s the HOW…I have to wait for everyone else while I continue to pay for my demise. Gee, that is helping me a lot. Uh, Joe, are you waiting too? Yes, let us all wait together while we get weaker and weaker.

“Do you get a handsome divided each month for your investments in Dollar denominated funds?”

Uh, No, it is retirement. If I touch it I lose 30-50%. I have to wait until I am 65 or something like that. Let me see…how many more years. Hmmm 16 more years. I wonder if that money will be there in 16 years. I wonder how many times the fed will double the money in 16 years. Hmmm, how much did I pay in interest for a house. Oh gee, more than my retirement is worth. Good going. I am soooo smart.

“Will your income stream vanish if everyone else switches over to another money?”

I really don’t give a rip. I want Liberty whose value is more than any money. I want it for me and my posterity. I want it, but so far I am not doing anything to secure it except support Ron Paul.

My point with generosity was not for you to look at the Money Monopoly. It was to say, when we get competitive forms of money and people have liberty and if 90% of people are good, then we will treat each other with generosity no matter what our station in life is.

“While you look at hired voters to be the enemy, and while I look at forum members protecting their income stream by down voting my warnings here as the enemy, neither one of us focuses attention on Ending THE FED, THE IRS, and THE TROOPS slaughtering the innocent for money?”

Again…HOW? I’m waiting.

"...the constitution was written between the people and the consolidated government..."



“The question turns, sir, on that poor little thing—the expression, We, the people, instead of the states, of America. I need not take much pains to show that the principles of this system are extremely pernicious, impolitic, and dangerous. Is this a monarchy, like England—a compact between prince and people, with checks on the former to secure the liberty of the latter? Is this a confederacy, like Holland—an association of a number of independent states, each of which retains its individual sovereignty? It is not a democracy, wherein the people retain all their rights securely.” -Patrick Henry

“That type of thinking is still infecting your soul?”

Yes, because you told me to read it. You did not tell me to read Spooner. I suppose you thought perhaps I would have respect for Henry and not Spooner.

“You want me to tell you what to do, then listen to me, or rather listen to Lysander Spooner, call him any name you want, just remove him from the message and judge the message to be true or not true.”

It depends on what is is, not upon what Spooner has written he even says as much:

“Inasmuch as the Constitution was never signed, nor agreed to, by anybody, as a contract, and therefore never bound anybody, and is now binding upon nobody; and is, moreover, such an one as no people can ever hereafter be expected to consent to, except as they may be forced to do so at the point of the bayonet, it is perhaps of no importance what its true legal meaning, as a contract, is.”

Additionally, you said this on the Rothbard Thread which I do not want to go back to. I just want it to be buried unless you think otherwise. But you said:

“Here is where the John Birch folks really shine as they warn of a Constitutional Convention being a ploy to get rid of limits on The Constitution. They say, sure, there may be an effort by people who mean well, today, asking for a new Constitutional Convention, but beware that those people may be misdirected and they may actually be looking to overthrow, or usurp, limits on government.”

That is what scares me with all this anti-constitution talk. I understand that it was a con con. I understand that it can be played as a 4 string fiddle, but what are we supposed to do with the Birch folks warning. If we end the fed, end the irs, bring the troops home how long will that last? Other presidents have tried to end the fed. They end up dead. Do we end the constitution too?

“Focus attention on people who decide to be paid for doing nothing?
Is that an interesting focus of attention?”

I am sorry Joe, but we are working till July 15 to pay taxes while some people are not willing to help. Yes, that is a problem. It is a problem for me because my husband is putting food on their table without being asked. That is robbery. I could have had wic and state insurance, I did not seek it. Why, it is not up to the state to pay my way. It is up to my husband and me to pay for our food and insurance, not someone else.

Yes, I am going to focus on people who do not work because it is not my fault they will not get up and go look in the mirror or should I say the refrigerator to see who is paying their bills. While they vote against me. Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if votes are actually purchased in other ways as well.

The American Dream was to work hard and get ahead. The American nightmare is to work hard and get behind. Instead of us all working together only some of us are working, but we are all getting behind together. I am not budging on the topic.

Just what would happen to the wash woman in Equitable Commerce if she was too lazy to do the laundry? Sure the hardness of her labor exponentially increases her labor dollars, but if she does no labor she has no hardness and therefore has no dollars with which to exchange at the store for food or at the boarding house. She would soon find herself outside of the society or upon the mercies of someone within the society. She should not find herself on the mercies of anyone if she is too lazy to do the laundry. That is where she may need to attach herself to someone who can manager her time for her. However, if she is a hard worker and get’s both arms mangled in the wringer, well, IMO she should find mercy from those within the equitable society.

"b) Because for some strange reason some people are just lucky and get ahead while others are unlucky and stay behind"
YOU: The Dice is loaded, so where is this luck factor, exactly?

That is hog wash. Sure some people hold an ace. But that does not mean that other people are not in the right place at the right time and do the right thing and make some money doing it legally (and I am not talking able legal criminals). Perhaps you and I do not define wealth the same way. I am not talking about the ultra rich. I am just talking about people who do not have to worry from month to month. People who have enough to enjoy vacations etc. You know, those poor people who only make $250,000 a year and should not be included in a tax increase. I am not talking about million and billionaires. Maybe that is why we don’t hear each other the same.

"c) Because some people make money and turn around and make that money make money for them while other people spend every penny they get (me) and don’t have any money to make money for them."
YOU: That is interesting, how does that work?

Take your money that you earn with your time and buy something and resell it for double what you purchased it for. It is not rocket science. It takes time and an interest in doing it, but if you are successful say $20 an hour will turn into $40 an hour by investing the $20 in an item and selling that item for $40. You know, like my eBay business, except one has to pick a better market than I did. I took money that Jeff earned and doubled it. Then I took the money I doubled and doubled it repeatedly.

"d) .Because some people are born into positions of wealth."
YOU: Relative to what, a person starving to death faster than their children, so as to prolong their children's misery, wealthy realtive to that condition of "life"?

Not every person that has money is evil. You need to get over it already. Why do you think the Chick-A-Fillet owner was so vehemently hated? He is wealthy, but not owned. He closes on Sunday, can you imagine that? Supposedly one of the best days to have a fast food joint upon and he closes. His principles are not all about the money. There are good people with money. Like the guy Jeff works for. Very nice family. They are wealthy. I do not begrudge them, I am thankful for them.

"e) Because some people are born with more intelligence than others."

YOU: So they take the deal, because it is obviously less taxing?

No, they use their brains and make money by thinking. By solving problems. Why do you think you were able to be a High Paid Laborer? You were not stupid. You worked hard, used your head, and applied yourself. If you could not use your head, you might have been digging ditches with a manual shovel somewhere. Not that that is bad. I am not cutting that down. I am just saying you made more than a manual ditch digger because you had the intelligence and ability and drive to operate heavy equipment and you were not lazy about it from what you say. If I were an employer I would want your skill because you applied them all day as opposed to sloughing off. You were in high demand because of your ability and your drive.

"f) Because some people are more intelligent but fail to use that gift and squander it, while others who are hard-workers get ahead."

YOU: I worked for 25 years, hard labor, not always, but relatively speaking my labor showed up in callouses, worn out joints, scars, emergency trips to the clinic, suffering. I got ahead of the tax man, just barely. Had I figured out the, what is the acceptable word, the false front for tax evasion, you know, come on, you are not unintelligent, the word is a term, the words are loop holes, whispered, loop holes, and just how much farther ahead could I be now?
How much farther ahead could I be had I not squandered my intelligence those 25 years of hard labor, that I would not trade for anything, since that is my life, that is how I traveled while I walk the Earth and stand for LIFE?
How is this non-squandering of intelligence measured, please?

I am not talking about you squandering intelligence. I am talking about person A who is intelligent but does nothing and person B who may not be quite as smart but works hard. In the end B is going to be the winner because A did not apply himself.

“My way of defining equity is to negotiate right from wrong among any number of people sharing that goal honestly and effectively.”

Who is to say what is right and what is wrong? That is my question. My right is not your right. My wrong is not your wrong. Right and wrong seem to be ambiguous. So who is going to make the rules that are equitous? (I think that might be another new word, if you like it you can have it.)

“If you borrow my definition then that may be an example of equity as you agree to find the right definition of that word. Equity is an equitable word if we negotiate the meaning of that word equitably. “

You see, we cannot even agree with right and wrong concerning how to use the word equity. I can’t even give you the word equitablist, which is right in my eyes, but not in yours. For some reason you think that since I invented it I cannot give it away. It is my invention, I give it to you. That is equitable to me. However it may not be “fair” in your eyes. But it is “just” in my eyes because I made the word so I can do what I want to with it. It was mine to give. I would not have made up that word if I had not been working on your reply to me. You were the catalyst, so why are you not due the word? I would never in my life have even used the word equity. That is a word you use. That is a word I am familiar with now. So to me the invention of equitablist is equitably due to you so it is my equitous decision as the inventor that it is equitable to give the word to you.

“What is a euphemism?
A euphemism is a word that is invented to cover up the real word that works best to convey the accurate meaning.
How about examples of Euphemisms?”

Justice equals fairness
“Ve have veys of defining that word too.”

I laugh every time I read that line…Yesterday, today, a couple of times today, I bet if I read it again I will laugh, yep. I think I need to cut it out and paste it to my mirror so when I look to see who is there at least I will be laughing.
ME: "Iniquitous is not the opposite of equity."
Now I am on the edge of my seat, seriously, because here is where I can learn to be more accurate when employing English language effectively. I do not like using the wrong words when I try desperately to convey accurate meaning with English.”

As you should be. Well you have been talking to a dim wit for months now who has just discovered that you are right I am wrong. I checked the dictionary of all things. You wouldn’t think I would dare go to that forsaken book, but I still do.,equitable
EQ'UITABLE, n. [L. oequitas, from oequus, equal.]
1. Equal in regard to the rights of persons; distributing equal justice; giving each his due; assigning to one or more what law or justice demands; just; impartial. The judge does justice by an equitable decision. The court will make an equitable distribution of the estate.
2. Having the disposition to do justice, or doing justice; impartial; as an equitable judge.
3. Held or exercised in equity, or with chancery powers; as the equitable jurisdiction of a court.,iniquitous
1828 Definition
INIQ'UITOUS, a. [See Iniquity.] Unjust; wicked; as an iniquitous bargain; an iniquitous proceeding. [It is applied to things rather than to persons, but may be applied to persons.]
1913 Definition
Iniquitous (iniquitous)
a. (?)
[From Iniquity.]
1. Characterized by iniquity; unjust; wicked; as, an iniquitous bargain; an iniquitous proceeding.
Demagogues . . . bribed to this iniquitous service. Burke.
Syn. -- Wicked; wrong; unjust; unrighteous; nefarious; criminal. -- Iniquitous, Wicked, Nefarious. Wicked is the generic term. Iniquitous is stronger, denoting a violation of the rights of others, usually by fraud or circumvention. Nefarious is still stronger, implying a breach of the most sacred obligations, and points more directly to the intrinsic badness of the deed.

And guess what…chicken butt,inequity
1828 Definition
A form of this word [inequity] is NOT found in the 1828 dictionary.

1913 Definition
THIS exact word [inequity] is NOT found in the 1913 dictionary.

But some time during the last century the word was created:
noun, plural in•eq•ui•ties for 2.
1. lack of equity; unfairness; favoritism or bias.
2. an unfair circumstance or proceeding.

“I don't know how anyone can accurately communicate to anyone else with this English stuff, it is like using a butter knife to eat a tough steak. Hack, hack, hack, and the steak is still whole.”

Laughing again.
ME: "Just because someone has a so called better position in life does not mean that they got it by evil means."
“OK, here is where I look left, around behind me, I look right, again look around behind me, I'm looking for whomever you are speaking to with that version of why equity is not the opposite of iniquity.
So you can read Equitable Commerce by Josiah Warren and you then converse with me in those words?”

I guess. I don’t know. Are you saying everyone is supposed to be equal? I don’t know Joe, just say it. Don’t make me read Equitable Commerce and understand what you understand because I don’t, or I missed it somewhere. Help me.

"I believe the system would become an involuntary one like forced socialism or forced communism."
OK, I get it, right.
“Never forced religion, when talking to me, for some reason.
Never forced conservatism. Me gain, I get it.
Never forced capitalism, because it is me on the other end of this lesson.
Never forced equity, because that has nothing to do with iniquity?”

I am not forcing or advocating the force of anything. I did not mean to make you feel like I was forcing anything. I am not trying to force anything I don’t think. I thought we were having Equitable Discussion.

The way I understand things is that each person is an individual with individual choices, talents, and paths in life. They are not all going to be equal. It is up to the individual. While all men are created as equals, all men do not act equally when taking their life and using it?

You have been thinking of these things longer than I have. You have studied them, you have deep grooves filled with knowledge of how these things work.

I have just been living in the system. My grooves are filled with that living and that system.

I think the thing I understand the most is that there are voluntary and involuntary forms of economic systems. I still do not understand how all of those systems work.

“I just fell off the tuna boat, plop, and here I am to be the object of some nebulous Man of Straw play acting?”

Laughing again. I hope not at your expense, but for some reason I think it is so funny when you deride me. The things I say to you are from an honest heart trying to understand.

“What am I supposed to say now?
I am a socialist!
I am a communist!
Why don't you just shoot me and get it over with sooner?”

Joe, I am confused.

I thought you were an equitablist.