Comment: Hog Wash! Vote you conscience!

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Hog Wash! Vote you conscience!

I worked for the Federal Government. Anytime they sent you a form asking you to give up a right, they ASKED or requested certain info as necessary.

If there was a Statute that had penalties, they quote the title, section, paragraph & verbatim quote the Law and state you will be subject to criminal prosecution with a maximum sentence of 5 years and/or a fine not to exceed $10,000.

In other words, they CLEARLY Threaten you into compliance.

Like wise I got request letters with threats but no teeth, (no CLEAR specific cited law to back it up) and when I ignored them nothing happened.
Sometimes I got followup phone calls asking for 'requested info' but I knew such submission of info was VOLUNTARY. But u have to weigh how much power they have to make your life miserable & pick your battles.
This 'request' shown above is Lawyer sneakiness. Just because they ask for your signature and make it look intimidating, DOES NOT mean you HAVE to sign it!

BUT if you DO sign it, IT IS A CONTRACT and you will be held to uphold that contract.

Seek legal advice, CREDIBLE legal advice (In my own experience 9 out of 10 attorneys will lead you astray whether deliberately (working for the other guys)or are simply inept & lazy).